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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers:


What is therapy? We at Roseville Psychology agree that it is a process of understanding oneself at the deepest level by bringing into consciousness the unknown aspects of the self. Connecting to who you are and what you want in your life the intention of our work.


Do I need a certain therapist? Yes, you need someone you connect to and feel comfortable with. We encourage you to take the time to interview your therapist on the initial phone intake as well as the first few appointments. A good fit between therapist and client is the single most important aspect of therapy.


How does therapy work? We meet on a weekly basis for an hour. Early in the process we will develop a treatment plan that outlines the goals that you want to address in treatment. We will be active in the session and ask that you are also. Some people feel worse at the start of treatment as they begin the process of reviewing their history. This is normal and we will be there to support you. It is common with therapy to use other professionals in the community to address medication needs as well as non-traditional referrals to personal trainers, accupuncture/accupressure, massage, nutritionist, and holistic healers. 


How long does therapy last? At Therapeutic Solutions 360, you decide when therapy is done. Once you feel your goals are met, and you are functioning better, the choice to end therapy is yours. When you are completed with therapy, you are welcome to return for another piece of work in the future.



Therapeutic Solutions 360

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