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New to Therapy

New to Therapy

A decision to seek out therapy is seldom made lightly, usually only after many exhaustive attempts at solving problems on our own.  But there are times when additional resources can mean the difference between being stuck in negative, repetitive patterns, or moving our lives forward in more positive directions. Whether you are experiencing a current crisis, want to develop better ways of dealing with day-to-day struggles or need to heal from past trauma, having a place to safely and privately discuss your concerns creates an opportunity to achieve new understanding of yourself and your relationships with others. Blending conventional and alternative approaches, we draw on a variety of styles and techniques to incorporate what will be most helpful for each client.


Regardless of your age, your present circumstances or your past experience, there is a way to make positive change in your life.  Psychotherapy can help you to understand yourself more deeply, make meaningful discoveries and change negative behavior patterns. 


" Our job as therapists is to work together with you to explore your thoughts and feelings from the perspective you have adopted in life, providing you with alternative tools and an objective perspective to tackle issues that you may be struggling with. "


Therapy offers the opportunity for introspection and self-reflection that can lead to real personal change and can have a lifetime of positive effect. The progress of any therapy comes from building trusting a relationship where feelings, thoughts and behaviors can be explored. Working openly to explore how thoughts and feelings you may or may not be aware of may be leading you to the distress you are feeling or the problems you are experiencing. 


Therapy can accomplish many positive outcomes.  Through therapy, we can change our internal sense of self to enjoy and engage with the world more fully.  We can explore and alter long held beliefs about ourselves and perceptions of our world that may not work for us anymore or support us in becoming who we want to be.  Therapy can also help us understand more about our history, our identity, our role we play in the world. 



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